Current Keynote talk I am delivering:

The Intersection of Mindfulness and High-Performance Psychology

Research shows that the most memorable and happy moments in people’s lives usually involve a job well done that required skills and concentration or a struggle to overcome a difficult obstacle. People are happy when they have a purpose and are actively involved in trying to reach a challenging goal… It seems that evolution has provided us with a powerful survival mechanism: the feeling of joy we experience when we overcome a challenge.  - Czicksentmihalyi

To sustain a high-performance psychology in multiple contexts activity and reflection should ideally complement and support each other. Dr. Brent Hogarth’s keynote delivers training on how to transform chaos and suffering into order through mastering  what the ancients called vita active, a life of action, and vita contemplative, the path of reflection. Building on his Doctoral research on mindfulness and flow-state, Brent’s talk seeks to empower participants with mental tools to develop the psychological flexibility necessary to achieve optimal emotion and self-regulation required for long-term goal achievement. Given the elusiveness of flow-state, this talk may be particularly valued by high-flow-state seekers because mindfulness training can both facilitate flow as well as provide a true refuge of peace when the joy of flow-state absent.