WHO am I?

High Performance Coach

Doctor in Sport & Clinical Psychology

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Brent’s personal philosophy is to live with passion, courage, and purpose. Brent has been a high performing athlete and artist, who did not intend to enter the field of mental health - let alone complete a Doctorate - until he traveled to India and had a life changing experience while studying yoga and meditation. Upon recognizing the potential value in mental and emotional training for athletes - something he was never exposed to prior in his athletic training - Brent committed himself to developing his craft as a future sport psychologist.

Brent has now received the American Psychological Association's approved standard in education and training in both Sport and Clinical Psychology. He completed his dissertation study on the intersection of mindfulness training and flow-state (optimal performance). He has provided psychotherapy and mind-set training to D-1 student-athletes at the University of Texas at El Paso, and currently at Lehigh University, along with counseled recovering addicts, at-risk youth, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

Brent specializes in high-performance psychology, integrating his years of mindfulness training with his formal education in clinical and sport psychology to guide high-performers to finding flow, self-control, and well-being.


Who I work with?

Outside of my clinical practice at Lehigh University, I currently support students, athletes, entrepreneurs, creatives, and corporate organizations to meet their individual goals. I am able to work with individuals around the globe through online video coaching.


What I offer?

- Sport Psychology mental skills training.

- Acceptance-Commitment-Therapy, a form of value-driven and mindfulness oriented therapy, for diverse mental health challenges.

- Meditation training.

- Corporate culture acceleration workshops.

- Keynote talks on high-performance, sport psychology, mindfulness and mental health.