Since 2010, I have been on a mission to support people to achieve peak performance and well-being through mastering their body, mind, and speech.

As a Sport and Clinical Psychology Post Doctoral Fellow at Lehigh University my work is currently focused on helping elite D-1 Students and Student-Athletes develop greater mastery of their mind in order to perform and feel at their best. My aim to help clients develop the mental skills required to peak perform as well as be resilient and adapt functionally through the challenges that are common to the human experience.

My mission is to help individuals enter flow-state — the most optimal psychology for human performance, and I do this through employing the evidenced-based science and art of Sport Psychology and Contextual Behavioral Science.

I have a number of years of supervised experience providing individual therapy, group therapy, high-performance workshops, community outreach, and psychological assessment (IQ, Personality, Emotion, Career).

While I teach traditional sport psychology mental skills including goal setting, positive self-talk, imagery, confidence, arousal regulation and so forth, I do so within a mindfulness orientation. My aim is to support the development of an ideal competitive mindset, while also developing improved emotion-regulation and self-control necessary for long-term goal achievement. The result? Psychological Flexibility - the ability to contact the present moment more fully as a conscious human being, and to change or persist in behavior when doing so serves valued ends.

Lastly, I value living. I have spent considerable time in India and Nepal training in both yoga and meditation (while living in Buddhist Monasteries), and I recently completed the 2018 Whistler Ironman. I am also no stranger to British Columbia’s back country when on skis.

If you believe I may be helpful in any way, please feel welcome to reach out to my through the contact page or email